SFAR - Swiss Foundation for Anesthesia Research :

Continuous medical education

One of the aims of the Swiss Foundation for Anesthesia Research is to promote continuous medical education and sponsor lectures and symposia. These lectures are recorded and can be downloaded for educational purposes.

Access to these files is limited to members and patrons of the SFAR. It is easy and free to become a member of our website, and for a small contribution, you can become patron of the Foundation. Click here for additional information.

If you decide to become a patron of the Foundation, you'll also be able to pass an exam about the lecture you've seen and if you successfully answer the questions, you receive a certificate confirmig the successful completion of that lesson and you obtain CME-credits recognized by the SGAR / SSAR. You'll also have an overview of all the CME-lessons available, the lessons you've seen and the CME-credits you obtained.