SFAR - Swiss Foundation for Anesthesia Research :

Patrons and Members

There are two categories of users on the website of Swiss Foundation of Anesthesia Research. Only members and patrons can access and view the lectures and symposia.

The regular member on our website can see additional content and membership is free of charge.

As a patron (Gönner) of the Swiss Foundation for Anesthesia Research, you actively support the activities of the Foundation and pay an annual contribution of at least sFr. 150.- but will have the possibility to earn CME-credits..


Benefits of becoming a Patron

As a patron, you actively support the Foundation by paying an annual contribution of at least sFr. 150.-. In Switzerland, this contribution to a recognized non-profit organization such as the Swiss Foundation for Anesthesia Research is tax deductable.

The following benefits are exclusively for our patrons:

  • Download videos of the Lectures sponsored by the Foundation
  • Receive our Newsletter
  • Answer online questions about the Lectures and if you answer a certain number of questions correctly, we will certify your successful completion of this electronic lesson and you get CME-credits recognized by the Swiss society of Anesthesiologists (SGAR / SSAR).
  • Online overview of your CME-credits with the Foundation, the Lectures available, the tests and your result etc...

Attending a regular lecture to get your CME-credits is not allways possible as often as many of us would like it to be. As a patron of the Foundation, you can see and hear the recorded lecture online. It will save you time, worries and hassle.

Don't bother about driving into the city, finding a parking space and getting back home in the rush-hours of the late afternoon. See the lecture online!

In order to be able to confirm that you've seen the lecture, you'll have to answer 3 to 5 simple questions about what you've just seen. If you pass this test, you can print out your confirmation and get the CME-credits. To pass the test you'll normally have to answer 75-80% of the questions corectly.